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Professional Development for Educators

Professional Development for Educators

Two teachers posing with a NYC Junior Ambassadors poster
NYC Junior Ambassadors Educator from Robert Fulton School (Brooklyn) during the 2017 Mid-Year Educators Meeting.

Educators in NYC Junior Ambassadors are provided with professional development opportunities. These workshops are designed to introduce educators to validated strategies for teaching about the United Nations and engaging youth around global issues. Educators are also given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with teaching about international issues and other resources, such as modules about the United Nations and the global refugee crisis, available through the program. Online and phone based trainings are also offered on educators' areas of interest. These professional development opportunities enable educators to interact and brainstorm with experts and their peers thereby helping them to build a sense of camaraderie and community.

“The NYC Junior Ambassadors program is an important investment in our students and educators. Teaching students how to become thoughtful global citizens is a game changer and I congratulate the classrooms and after-school programs selected to participate this year.”
-Carmen Fariña, Chancellor, NYC Department of Education and member of the 2017-2018 Selection Committee.

“The NYC Junior Ambassadors program empowered our students to be leaders in their classroom, school, community, and world. Each student chose their own Sustainable Development Goal to learn about and they conducted extensive research, created solutions, and made a difference. At the end of the year they took everything they learned and made a book called ‘SDGs for Kids,’ to inspire the next generation to get involved. I welcome the new cohort and I know they will walk away empowered and changed.”
-Valarie Hunsinger, Educator at Hyde Leadership Charter School and member of the 2017-2018 Selection Committee.