Congratulations! You have been approved for hire as a Correction Officer for the New York City Department of Correction.

As your hiring specialist discussed, below are the links to all the forms needed for your pre-employment session. Each form must be filled out in its entirety, printed, and placed in chronological order according to the “Pre-Employment Check List” before your scheduled processing appointment. Please note, you must complete and notarize your NYCERS application as well as the Oath of Office form.

Please do not resign from your current employment until you have received notification from your hiring specialist to do so.


Permanent Folder Checklist (Guide)
Application for appointment
Appointment declarations
Declarations of convictions of pending criminal action
Declaration of incarcerated associations
Designation of beneficiary
Firearms declaration
Hon. Members of the conflicts of interest board
New York State public officer’s law
Notices of conditions of probation
Employees address info form
Employment eligibility form
IRS W-4 employee withholding form
NYS IT-204 employee withholding form
EEO Self-identification form
CPD-B Booklet
L.E.N.S. driver’s verification form
Transfer of pension (active NYC employees only)
PREA Checklist

If you are currently employed by the City of New York please bring a copy of your most recent pay stub.

If you have ever served in the United States Military please bring a copy of your DD214, Member—4 form.

Forms That Must Be Notarized:

Hon. Mike McSweeney, City Clerk, Charter # 1136.pdf
Oath of Office.pdf

Money Order:

You must obtain a $ 9.00 United States Postal Service Money Order. Please note, only U.S.P.S. money orders will be accepted.


Additional Requirements:

Please bring your 4 passport photos if your hiring specialist instructed you to do so. Please note, all passport photos must be taken in business attire.