New Employee Processing

Congratulations on being considered for employment with the New York City Department of Correction! Your eligibility for positions within DOC will be contingent upon completion of a background investigation and/or medical testing.

Please refer to the list of New Hire Personal Data & Citywide Policy Forms found below.  You must complete and return all forms which will be reviewed by a Staffing & Certification Specialist.


1) Forms & Documents can be submitted electronically to the following mailbox:  

  • For detailed instructions on how to complete the pre-employment forms, kindly click the following:  Pre-Employment Presentation
  • All forms requiring signature will be signed on the first day of employment
  • Money Orders to be furnished on the first day of employment

2) Copies of the following compliance documents must be furnished prior to the day of employment:  

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License or Non-Driver’s Photo ID
  • For establishment of identity & employment eligibility, provide one of the items indicated below:
    1. U.S Passport
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Resident Alien Card and/or Naturalization Certificate  
  • For proof of Highest education completed, provide one of the items indicated below, whichever is applicable:
    1. Graduate Diploma (Master’s or PhD)
    2. Undergraduate Diploma (Associate/Bachelor’s degree)
    3. High School Diploma/General Equivalency Diploma
    4. Official College transcripts
  • If applicable provide the following:
    1. A copy of your military ID (active members) or a copy of your DD 214 Form (for retired, separated or discharged members)
    2. A copy of any certificates or licenses necessary for your job title/trade
    3. Certificate of Good Standing (Attorneys)

3) Inquiries & questions can be emailed directly to your designated Staffing & Certification Specialist.

4) Please do not resign from your current employment until you have received notification from your Staffing & Certification Specialist.

Personal Data Forms:

Citywide Policies & Forms: