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Programs for Any Industry

Programs for Any Industry

Before You Get Here

**Businesses can apply for or use these programs from their home country, even before they make the move to the United States.**

International Innovators Initiave (IN2NYC)

The International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC) helps international entrepreneurs become eligible for uncapped H-1B visas to expand their business to NYC. The program connects international entrepreneurs selected through a competitive process with a City University of New York (CUNY) school. Women entrepreneurs are especially welcome to apply.
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Incubators, Wet Lab Spaces, Shared Workspaces

New York City has fostered an incubator and co-working space network that provides low-cost space, business services, training, and networking opportunities to hundreds of startups and small businesses across a variety of sectors. Over 1,000 startup businesses and 1,500 employees have benefited from City-supported incubators.
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Permits and Licenses Questionaire

Enter information about your intended business in NYC to find out the permits, licenses, and tax information you need to start and operate your business in New York City. (Primarily for businesses in the food, retail, and industrial sectors.)
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Incentives Questionaire

Enter information about your intended business in NYC to instantly find out the incentives you may be eligible for!
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NYC Business Atlas

This free tools shows business conditions citywide, and in specific NYC neighborhoods, including population and demographic data.
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After arrival in NYC

**Businesses can apply for use these programs only after they have arrived in NYC.**

Women Entrepreneurs NYC (WENYC)

Connects women entrepreneurs with resources, education, and connections to thrive.
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Immigrant Business Initiative

Over 3 million New Yorkers are foreign-born, and almost half of the City's businesses are owned by immigrants. As part of our ongoing commitment to serving the City’s immigrant entrepreneurs, the City offers business services in Spanish, Chinese, Haitan Creole, Russian, and Korean to help businesses start, operate, and expand.
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Business Solution Centers

Free expert help with the things you need to start, operate, or expand in New York City: legal advice on how to structure and incorporate your business, questions about a real estate lease, protecting your intellectual property, and more; assistance securing loans; help navigating government permits and regulations; and recruiting employees.
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The NYC Department of Small Business Services prepares and connects qualified candidates to job opportunities in New York City.
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