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Food, Beverage & Retail Programs

Food, Beverage & Retail Programs

Before You Get Here

**Businesses can apply for or use these programs from their home country, even before they make the move to the United States.**

Pilotworks Brooklyn

Pilotworks Brooklyn is a platform to prototype, launch, and grow innovative food businesses. It offers commercial kitchen space (featuring ten unique stations), business mentoring, and more. Members are accepted on an application basis.
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After Arrival in NYC

**Businesses can apply for or use these programs only after they have arrived in NYC.**

Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH)

FRESH promotes the establishment and expansion of neighborhood grocery stores in underserved communities by providing zoning and financial incentives to eligible grocery store operators and developers.

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Business Acceleration

The City of New York helps food and beverage, industrial and retail businesses open or expand more easily and faster, and operate more smoothly and with fewer challenges. Business Acceleration provides a variety of services to help your business including free client management, plan reviews, consultations with inspectors and inspections from City agencies including Buildings, Fire, Health and Mental Hygiene, Environmental Protection, and Consumer Affairs.

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Additional Programs to Review

**In addition to the programs listed above for your industry, please see these additional programs that can help for any industry.**