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Fashion Programs

Fashion Programs

After Arrival in NYC

**Businesses can apply for or use these programs only after they have arrived in NYC.**

NYC Fashion Production Fund

In partnership with Capital Business Credit, the Fashion Production Fund provides emerging designers with production financing at below-market rates and flexible terms to cover the costs of purchase orders. Loans are awarded between $50,000 and $300,000, with terms of 30-120 days. To date, over $2.5 million has been awarded through 32 loans.
Learn more the NYC Fashion Production Fund

Fashion Manufacturing Initiative

In partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the Fashion Manufacturing Initiative is a $6 million public-private partnership that awards grants to local fashion production companies in order to purchase innovative machinery, make  technology and capital upgrades, offer employees skills training, and cover costs of relocating within NYC. To date, nearly $2 million has been awarded to NYC’s best fashion factories. 
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Made in NY Fashion Certification

The fashion certification endows qualifying businesses with exclusive use of the distinguished “Made in NY” seal. Using this brand is another tool to generate visibility, cachet, and demand for their products.
Review eligibility for the Made in NY Fashion Certification

NYC Business Acceleration

The City of New York helps food and beverage, industrial and retail businesses open or expand more easily and faster, and operate more smoothly and with fewer challenges. Business Acceleration provides a variety of services to help your business including free client management, plan reviews, consultations with inspectors and inspections from City agencies including Buildings, Fire, Health and Mental Hygiene, Environmental Protection, and Consumer Affairs.
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Additional Programs to Review

**In addition to the programs listed above for your industry, please see these additional programs that can help for any industry.**