IDNYC Public Service Announcements

IDNYC Multilingual Renewal Campaign

IDNYC is for all New Yorkers and we pride ourselves in the great diversity of languages spoken in NYC. The following PSA videos are in various languages including indigenous and African languages spoken in NYC. The videos were released on International Mother Language Day in 2020 as part of the IDNYC renewal campaign. These PSAs were created in partnership with the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs and the Endangered Language Alliance. Each video contains the same information.

Audio Description: IDNYC is a card for ALL New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status. Already have an IDNYC? Check the expiration date. You may be ready to renew your card online or in-person at an enrollment center. Now, many New York City residents can renew their cards online. Visit, or call 311 and say "IDNYC", to renew or enroll today. New York City is our City.

IDNYC PSA in Arabic

IDNYC PSA in Fulani

IDNYC PSA in Garifuna

IDNYC PSA in Indonesian

IDNYC PSA in K'iche'

IDNYC PSA in Kichwa

IDNYC PSA in Mande

IDNYC PSA in Mixteco

PSA in Nepali

IDNYC PSA in Punjabi

IDNYC PSA in Tagalog


IDNYC PSA in Uzbek

IDNYC PSA in Wolof

IDNYC in Yiddish

Mayor Bill de Blasio & Speaker Mark-Viverito's Message (2015)

Audio Description: Mayor Bill de Blasio & Speaker Mark-Viverito's Message on the NYC Identification Card. Various New Yorkers share how they use their IDNYC cards to access school buildings, museum memberships, and discounted movie tickets.

IDNYC - NYCFC (2015)

Audio Description: The New York City Football Club team practices their moves and talk about the benefits of having an IDNYC card.

Spanish speaker 1: It's my go to ID when I go to the bank, and use it to get free memberships at the museums!
Spanish speaker 2: I "scored" my card in no time. It was quick and easy.

Text on screen:
Free memberships at 33 museums, zoos, concert halls and gardens.
Discounts on prescription drugs
Use as ID to open a bank account
Use as your library card
Discounts at YMCA and City Parks Recreation Centers


IDNYC - NYCFC in Spanish (2015)