Labor Standards

Labor Standards

The Labor Monitoring Unit (LMU) is responsible for the management of an effective labor compliance program that is transparent to our partners and in accordance with Federal, State and City requirements.

LMU offers technical assistance to owners, developers, contractors and subcontractors regarding regulatory requirements; reviews certified payroll submissions to determine compliance with prevailing wage schedules; conducts site interviews to verify payroll data; investigates worker complaints; authorizes the withholding of payments pending resolution of wage restitution or other labor violations; and makes referrals to law enforcement.

Contractors directly or indirectly engaged to work on HPD funded projects are expected to:

  • Pay their workers, on a weekly basis, the appropriate wage and fringe benefit rate for actual hours worked in accordance with the actual work performed;
  • Maintain weekly payroll records of all employees and of those employed by all subcontractors during the construction period and for 3 years thereafter;
  • Identify any and all lower tier contractors engaged to perform work by the Contractor;
  • Maintain worker daily sign-in/out sheet for each day of work,from the first day until project completion;
  • Ensure that workers have some form of identification, such as laminated identification badges or cards;
  • Display, in conspicuous location at each site, a board containing all required posters and legal notices, including, where applicable, a copy of the U.S. DOL Davis Bacon Poster titled "Employee Rights under Davis-Bacon Act" and a copy of the wage determination schedule. The poster board shall be legible and accessible to all workers at all times during project duration.
  • Incorporate the labor standards provisions of the contract into any and all bid packages and subcontracts associated with the project.
  • Be responsible for compliance by any and all subcontractors and lower tier subcontractors engaged by the Contractor to perform work at Agency funded sites.

Worker Complaints

Unfair labor practices harm workers, their families and communities, as well as law-abiding businesses. LMU regularly conducts site visits to interview workers. To make a complaint, contact LMU by one of the following methods: