Supportive Housing Programs

Supportive Housing


Supportive housing is permanent, affordable housing with on-site support services to serve the needs of the most vulnerable New Yorkers, including homeless individuals and people with disabilities. Apartments are rent-stabilized and buildings are owned and operated by experienced community organizations that maintain a high standard of property management.  

Supportive housing improves health outcomes and saves public dollars. Investment in housing that is accompanied by supportive services can improve outcomes for people with mental health and substance abuse issues, while yielding significant taxpayer savings by reducing demand for high-cost shelters, hospitals, and other emergency resources. In November 2015, Mayor de Blasio announced New York City's commitment to development 15,000 units of supportive housing over the next 15 years. The NYC 15/15 Initiative reflects the lessons learned over the last 30 years and incorporates the combined wisdom of the supportive housing community.


Supportive Housing Loan Program

The HPD Supportive Housing Loan Program (SHLP) makes loans to non-profit and for-profit developers of permanent supportive housing with on-site social services. Projects developed with SHLP funding must provide 60% of units for homeless, disabled individuals or homeless families with a disabled head-of-household. The remaining 40% can be rented to households from the community earning up to 60% of the Area Median Income.

SHLP loans carry a minimum 30-year term and may be up to $125,000 per unit. The Division of Special Needs Housing will work with sponsors to help secure additional sources of financing, including Low Income Housing Tax Credits, private loans or other subsidies. Projects may involve new construction or renovation on City-owned or privately-owned land.

Supportive housing is permanent, affordable rental housing with on-site supportive services. Supportive housing allows formerly homeless and disabled persons to live independently, and provides affordable housing for New Yorkers earning low incomes. All tenants have leases and pay an affordable rent for their apartment. For more information visit the Supportive Housing Network of New York.

Application Process

HPD's Division of Special Needs Housing accepts proposals for SHLP funding throughout the year on a rolling basis.  The process begins with a project summary package that outlines the proposal and includes information about the sponsor, the site, the population to be served, a plan for providing and paying for supportive services, and the proposed financing. Please review the SHLP term sheet and design guidelines. 


NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance Program

The NYC Supportive Housing Initiative aims to fund and develop 15,000 new units of supportive housing in New York City over the next 15 years. HPD will award rental assistance to eligible households meeting the population criteria for HRA’s Request for Proposals for the Provision of Congregate Supportive Housing (EPIN: 09617I0006).

The NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance will be project-based rental assistance with an initial contract term of 15 years. Projects will be eligible for contract renewal at the end of the initial contract term. Initial rents will be set at up to the FMR, and owners may request 2% increase annually. Tenants will pay 30% of their income toward rent. NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance cannot be used with any other rent subsidy program.

Applications will be accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis. Project must have a tentative award letter for the HRA Provision of Congregate Supportive Housing services in order to receive an award for NYC 15/15K Rental Assistance. Applicants for NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance should be owners who are developing supportive housing. Eligible applicants may be nonprofit organizations or partnerships between nonprofit and for-profit entities.


Guidance Documents for Supportive Housing Providers and Property Managers

Below are guidance documents jointly issued in July 2023 by HRA, DoHMH, and HPD. These documents clarify the City’s expectations for processes and polices related to referral, intake, and admission to City-funded supportive housing projects. 

Hotel Conversion Applicants

Thanks to recently passed state legislation, HPD is now accepting submissions of potential hotels for conversion to permanent affordable or supportive housing. If you are interested in converting a hotel to housing, please complete the hotel information form.