Resources for M/WBEs

Resources for M/WBEs in Affordable Housing

HPD and our partners produce resources that facilitate the growth of M/WBEs in the affordable housing industry. Review our compilation of resources below:

Resources for M/WBEs in Affordable Housing

Capacity Building

Operating a Marketing Agent Business

HPD participated in LISC’s informative webinar on What it Takes to Successfully Operate a Marketing Agent Business. Participants from early rounds of the Marketing Agent Training were able to participate.

Financial Assistance

There are myriad financial resources available to M/WBE developers and construction contractors. HPD regularly hosts events that promote available financial resources. The most recent event covered available products from:

Community Preservation Corporation
ACCESS provides predevelopment and working capital to BIPOC affordable housing developers.

Community Solutions Housing
Redesigning Access by Centering Equity (RACE) aims to increase the number of BIPOC-led developers in the supportive housing industry. This initiative provides financing for project initiation, predevelopment, acquisition, and developer fee bridge loans.

Enterprise Community Partners
Equitable Path Forward $350 million fund provides lines of credit, grants, and debt financing to BIPOC-led organizations.

Originator for NYC Acquisition Fund, which provides debt financing for land acquisition.

LISC provides a variety of financial packages to support predevelopment, acquisition, construction, and stabilization.

Originator for NYC Acquisition Fund, which provides debt financing for land acquisition.

NYC Small Business Services
Contract Loan Financing Fund gives M/WBEs access to low-interest loans to help them win, take on, and perform on NYC contracts, including purchasing equipment and hiring employees.

Pursuit Lenders
Pursuit is a community focused lender that provides a streamlined path to business funding, borrowers can directly access 15+ loan programs through their services.

Development Experience

M/WBE RFP Training

HPD hosted an online training on December 8, 2020 for M/WBE and non-profit developers, including an introduction to affordable housing, responding to RFPs, assembling a team/joint venture, and a presentation by the Community Preservation Corporation. More information from the training materials is available below:

General Topics for M/WBE Firms

Get M/WBE Certified

Not Yet Certified? The NYC Online Certification Portal for M/WBEs makes it easier to get certified. For more information, visit NYC Business Solutions.

The M/WBE Leadership Association

Contact any one of the following community organizations that have received funding through the City Council for personalized guidance on government contracting for potential or City-certified M/WBEs, assistance in connecting entrepreneurs to potential customers, aid in the development of bids and proposals, assistance in securing project financing and bonding, and the promotion and marketing of the City's M/WBE Program: