Pre-Award Conference

Pre-Award Conference (PAC)

HPD is a public entity whose mission is to promote the revitalization of neighborhoods and creation of quality housing for all New Yorkers. The agency is a catalyst for the preservation, rehabilitation, and new development of affordable housing.

HPD uses federal, state and city funds to finance its activities. These funding sources compel us to adhere to a procedure to review both the contract and the contracting firm.

The purpose of this conference is to present an overview of some requirements that are distinguishing characteristics of public sector contracts. These stipulations are oriented towards social equity issues; that is, the provision of public benefits. When you undertake a public sector contract, you will find in our contracts such provisions as:

  • Nondiscrimination 
  • Labor Standards
  • Business Enterprise Programs
  • Fair Housing
Keep in mind that you will need to certify as an authorized representative of a contractor that you fully understand the information contained in this video. The contractor you represent is responsible for abiding by these laws, regulations, and standards when performing work an HPD project.

Contractor PAC Clearance Lookup

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PAC Video

Click play in the video below to begin the Pre-Award Conference. Remember that you must complete the certification process at the end of the video training. To do so, type the web address provided to you at the end of the video into your web browser's search bar, which will redirect you to the PAC Certification Survey.

Applicable Laws and Requirements


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