New Construction

New Construction

HPD Develops New Affordable Housing

new construction building at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Developing new affordable housing is another way HPD is working to meet current and future housing demands, and we're financing more affordable housing than ever before. These efforts include large-scale, mixed-income developments that help revitalize communities, supportive and senior residences that serve some of the most vulnerable among us, and homeownership opportunities that help working class New Yorkers own a piece of their neighborhoods. Learn more about HPD's New Construction programs. 

And by promoting innovation in new construction methods, activating underutilized sites for new housing, and changing zoning and land use regulations we're creating even more new affordable housing. By ensuring that housing production is sustainable and aligned with New York City's changing demographics, HPD is building housing that meets our changing climate and evolving needs of how New Yorkers live. 

Hotel Conversion Applicants

Thanks to recently passed state legislation, HPD is now accepting submissions of potential hotels for conversion to permanent affordable or supportive housing. If you are interested in converting a hotel to housing, please complete the hotel information form.