New Construction

HPD Design Guidelines for New Construction

HPD Design Guidelines cover page.

The Office of Development's Division of Building and Land Development Services (BLDS) issued the HPD Design Guidelines for New Construction 2.0 (the "Guidelines") in September 2023, which establishes the criteria by which BLDS will evaluate proposed developments for multifamily new construction, supportive, and senior housing projects, upon application to HPD for financial assistance. The Guidelines may also be used to guide the design of 1-3 family homes.

Projects participating in the Inclusionary Housing incentive programs (either Mandatory Inclusionary Housing or Voluntary Inclusionary Housing) that are not subsidized through any HPD loan programs are not subject to the Guidelines but are subject to HPD review of zoning and accessibility requirements. Design Review to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Guidelines is a prerequisite to loan closing for any new construction project developed under applicable HPD loan programs. All drawings and documents submitted to BLDS by the development team for design review must be submitted digitally through eBLDS, which is the electronic system for storing, coordinating, and transferring these documents. Note: Projects receiving 421-a tax credits only are not subject to HPD Design Review.

HPD seeks to support projects that meet several core principles. Projects should:

  • Have a strong relation to the neighborhood (urban design and building planning)
  • Meet the needs of households and individuals (apartment planning and accessible design)
  • Promote greater equitability and health outcomes
  • Encourage active design
  • Utilize sustainable or renewable products and promote energy efficiency
  • Select sustainable features that can potentially reduce operating costs