Marketing Agent Training

Marketing Agent Trainings

HPD, in partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise), developed a series of free trainings to bolster the number of M/WBEs and non-profit firms performing marketing activities in the NYC Housing Connect lottery process for affordable housing projects. LISC and Enterprise secured generous funds from Goldman Sachs to offer trainings that are prerequisites for firms seeking to become Qualified Marketing Agents. In keeping with other Building Opportunity initiatives, these trainings will allow more equitable access for firms looking to benefit from the City’s investment in the affordable housing industry. These trainings will prioritize the participation of M/WBEs and extend opportunities for non-profit organizations.

Growing Demand for Marketing Agents

The City needs firms to perform marketing activities (e.g. advertising, unit lease-up/sale, tenant eligibility review, and ongoing compliance) on a growing number of affordable housing projects in the Housing Connect lottery process. Through the Qualified Marketing Agent RFQ the City will establish list of Qualified Marketing Agents, who are eligible to work on City-sponsored housing projects. Firms that want to capitalize on this growing industry by adapting their existing businesses or improving their capabilities can apply for the Marketing Agent Training series.

Reducing Barriers to Become Qualified Marketing Agents

To join the list of Qualified Marketing Agents firms must show proof of completing three trainings and two of these trainings have substantial costs for each participant. To reduce the financial barriers that M/WBEs and non-profits may face in meeting these requirements, eligible firms may apply for free marketing agents for up to three staffers to take all required courses. To best build long-term capacity of firms, staffers should be principals or those who oversee daily operations and individuals who anticipate reviewing affordable housing applications and conducting the eligibility review process with applicants.

Learn Requirements to Market, Lease, and Sell Affordable Units in Housing Connect

Each training series will include in-depth virtual training on three topics:

  • Marketing HPD and HDC Projects: A two-day session to understand basic requirements of the Housing Connect lottery process and performing marketing activities in projects financed by HPD and/or HDC.
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Compliance: A four-day training offered by a national training organization with four-hour sessions each day to cover all aspects of understanding the rigorous tasks firms perform to ensure the proper use of federal funds. Participants must complete an exam within two weeks of the training’s end.
  • Fair Housing & Reasonable Accommodations: A two-day training offered by a national training organization with four-hour sessions each day to cover how to uphold the Fair Housing Act and assess reasonable accommodations requests from residents. Participants must complete an exam within two weeks of the training’s end. 

All participating individuals who pass their exams will receive certificates at the end of trainings.

Requirements to Participate in Trainings

Eligible M/WBEs and non-profits must apply and be accepted into one of the three training series cohorts in order to enroll principals or staff overseeing daily operations in the training.

  • Certified M/WBEs
  • Firms in the process of certifying as an M/WBE
  • Non-profit organizations

Ideal Applicants

Firms that perform some or all the following duties are great candidates for this training:

  • Leasing rental units
  • Selling affordable homeownership units
  • Advertising available units
  • Conducting eligibility reviews of potential tenants for affordable housing
  • Performing ongoing compliance checks related to a person’s ability to receive governmental benefits
  • Performing compliance reviews on behalf of an entity 

How to Apply

The application perdiod for these trainings has closed. M/WBE and non-profit firms interested in participating in future iterations of this course should complete the Marketing Agent Training Interest Form and indicate interest in the marketing agent training.

About the Prequalified List of Marketing Agents

While not a requirement, this training can help firms become qualified marketing agents through the Qualified Marketing Agent RFQ. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and the Agency anticipates that the Qualified List will be updated periodically.

Pathways to Opportunity Graduates

Group photo of Pathways to Opportunity graduates

On July 22, 2021, HPD, Goldman Sachs, LISC, and Enterprise celebrated the first two graduating classes of Pathways to Opportunity. Nearly 60 individuals across 34 firms have received the trainings. Meet some of our graduates or see the full list of participants below:

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List of Participants

ACJ International Realty LLC
All Renovation Construction LLC
Almagest Capital Partners
Conformity Habitat LLC
Interfaith Productions, Inc
JGV Management Corp.
LEK Management Inc
Micki Garcia Realty
Rentability Inc
Restored Homes HDFC
Search House NY, Inc
South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation
SpringRock Property Group
The Ariel Group Realty Corp
Urban Ecospaces, Inc

Contact Us with Questions

If you have questions about previously held trainings, please Economic Opportunity and Inclusion Programs (EOIP) was created to expand the use of M/WBE construction contractors and professional service providers on HPD-financed development projects.