M/WBE Build Up Program

M/WBE Build Up Program

HPD’s M/WBE Build Up Program aims to increase contracting opportunities for certified Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) in HPD/HDC-subsidized affordable housing projects.

The program requires developers/borrowers to spend at least a quarter of HPD/HDC-supported costs on certified M/WBEs over the course of design and construction of certain HPD/HDC-subsidized projects. A minimum goal will be calculated and required for each project subject to the program (projects where HPD/HDC contributes two million dollars or more). Developers may adopt a goal higher than the minimum.

All payments to certified M/WBEs performing construction or providing professional services count toward the goal. For example, payments going towards an M/WBE architect or an M/WBE painter will count toward the goal.


Developers/borrowers are required to fulfill these responsibilities:

The Predevelopment 3 C's

  1. CALCULATE the "M/WBE Minimum Participation Goal" by using information from the development budget and the value of HPD/HDC's contribution.
  2. COMPLETE an Implementation Plan: Prior to construction loan closing, identify those certified M/WBEs either under consideration or in contract and describe what steps will be taken to meet the project's applicable M/WBE participation goal.
  3. CONFIRM M/WBE Spending Will Meet or Exceed Minimum Goal: Sign a rider as a part of the construction loan closing that sets the dollar value of the M/WBE minimum participation goal and the adherence to all program requirements.

Construction Requirements

  • Ensure Submission of Progress and Payment Reports: During the project, developers/borrowers must timely submit quarterly progress and payment reports documenting payments made to eligible M/WBE businesses.


HPD’s M/WBE staff are available to support the efforts of the developers/borrowers and their general contractors efforts to meet the project's M/WBE participation goal. Please contact HPD’s M/WBE staff at mwbebuildup@hpd.nyc.gov if you have any questions about M/WBE participation requirements for your project. You may also review the program details for more information.