Labor Issues and Wage Complaints

Labor Issues and Wage Complaints

HPD’s Labor Monitoring Unit (LMU) enforces federal and state laws that require contractors participating in affordable housing construction projects that are subject to prevailing wage requirements to pay workers at least the prevailing wage rate. LMU staff enforce these laws by:

  • Reviewing certified payroll submissions to determine compliance with prevailing wage schedules;
  • Conducting site interviews to verify payroll data;
  • Investigating worker complaints;
  • Authorizing the withholding of payments pending resolution of wage restitution or other labor violations; and
  • Making referrals to law enforcement, when necessary.

Prevailing Wage

Federal and state labor laws apply to HPD projects. On some HPD-assisted projects, workers must be paid prevailing wage rates. Both the federal and state Departments of Labor require contractors to post information regarding wage and hour information on construction sites. If you want to know if the project you worked on is subject to prevailing wage, look for these signs to determine the type of wages you must be paid.

For more information on federal and state worker prevailing wage rights, please visit the following:

Wage Complaints

HPD takes allegations of unfair and/or unlawful labor and employment violations seriously. If you believe you have, or someone you know has, been paid less than the required prevailing wage rate, contact LMU by one of the following methods: