Jerome Avenue, Bronx

Jerome Avenue, Bronx

The Jerome Avenue Neighborhood Planning Study, released in 2017, aims to take a broad, comprehensive look at current and future community needs to identify a wide range of strategies and investments, including key land use and zoning changes, to support Jerome Avenue’s growth and vitality. This study looks at the two-mile stretch of Jerome Avenue, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods in Community District 4, 5 and 7 in the Bronx.

The Jerome Avenue Neighborhood Planning Study is a part of Housing New York, the Mayor’s housing plan to build and preserve affordable housing through community development initiatives and to foster a more equitable and livable New York City.


Throughout a 20-month period, City agencies held over forty workshops, forums, and visioning sessions with a wide range of stakeholders, to hear the needs and priorities of the community. Through this process, community members developed a series of goals for the Jerome Avenue corridor, including opportunities for affordable housing, economic development, and improvements to community resources.

Housing Plan

The Jerome Avenue Draft Neighborhood Plan includes a chapter on housing that summarizes the goals, strategies, and actions that HPD proposes to undertake in response to the range of needs and priorities articulated by residents of Jerome Avenue and its surrounding neighborhoods (Chapter 3, beginning on page 77). HPD’s Office of Neighborhood Strategies has developed and is continuing to refine this plan in collaboration with community members, elected officials, and partner agencies.

The goals of the Housing Plan are to:

  • Provide sustainable, high-quality, affordable housing with a range of options for residents at all income levels; and
  • Protect tenants and improve housing quality

To that end, HPD will employ the following strategies:

  • Preserve existing affordable housing
  • Develop new affordable housing
  • Increase access to affordable housing
  • Promote economic opportunity