Inclusionary Housing Program Administering Agents

Inclusionary Housing Administering Agents

The Administering Agent is responsible for ensuring compliance pursuant to an Inclusionary Housing Program, Cure, or Privately Financed Affordable Senior Housing (PFASH) Regulatory Agreement or Restrictive Declaration. The guidelines for such Agreements/Declarations are set forth in the New York City Zoning Resolution and the Rules of the City of New York, Title 28, Chapter 41, Section 41-02. In Mandatory Inclusionary, Voluntary Inclusionary, Cure, and PFASH Programs, the Administering Agent responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the rental and re-rental of Inclusionary/PFASH/Cure units, lease review, tenant selection, income verification, and ongoing compliance with the Regulatory Agreement or Restrictive Declaration.

Effective May 16, 2022 the updated Administering Agent RFQ is in effect. The Pre-qualified List of Administering Agents remains active and developers are free to choose from the list in hiring AAs. Any responses to the RFQ received on or after May 16, 2022 will be evaluated per the updated RFQ.