HireNYC is a free program designed to help New Yorkers access training and jobs through the City’s purchases and investments. Under HireNYC, the NYC Department of Small Business Services’ Workforce1 provides high-quality recruitment services to employers and high-quality employment services to jobseekers.

HPD is now partnering with HireNYC to better connect low-income workers to job opportunities generated by our affordable housing development projects.

HPD requires developers, general contractors, and subcontractors working on projects receiving more than $2 million in City subsidy to share job openings in entry- and mid-level construction positions with HireNYC and to interview the qualified candidates that HireNYC refers for those openings.

HPD-Financed Projects Required to Use HireNYC

Real estate development projects receiving $2 million or more in combined HPD subsidy and the value of City-owned land must use HireNYC.

The following employers involved in such projects will be required to use HireNYC:
  • Developer (entity with which HPD closes on project)
  • General Contractor
  • Any subcontractors with contracts of $500,000 or more on the project

How HireNYC Works

Through HireNYC, HPD will require qualifying employers, or their designated project coordinator, to:
  • Enroll with the HireNYC portal within 30 days of the contract’s registration in order to attest to upcoming hiring needs;
  • Share information about open entry- and mid-level positions associated with the project;
  • Interview or evaluate qualified candidates referred by the City; and
  • Provide feedback on the interviewed or evaluated candidates.
  • The employer is required to share openings for entry- and mid-level positions as defined by the New York State Department of Labor.
  • The employer is not required to share openings for trade positions for development projects covered by collective bargaining agreements or Project Labor Agreements.
  • The Department of Small Business Services’ Workforce1 system will work with the employer to tailor recruitment to an employer’s specific hiring needs and processes. 


For additional information about this program, please visit the HireNYC homepage or email HireNYCQuestions@cityhall.nyc.gov