East Harlem, Manhattan

East Harlem, Manhattan

East Harlem Housing Plan cover page

The East Harlem Housing Plan summarizes the goals, strategies, and actions that the City proposes to undertake in response to a range of needs and priorities in the neighborhood, including those articulated by residents and stakeholders in the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan.

The Housing Plan aims to build on the vision laid out by the community to provide greater affordability and economic opportunity in East Harlem. Its four central goals are to (1) preserve existing affordable housing, (2) develop new affordable housing, (3) increase access to affordable housing, and (4) promote economic opportunity.

This document has been updated since a draft was issued on May 1, 2017, to incorporate additional community input gathered through the land use review process, and to refine the strategies accordingly. This Housing Plan is part of a broader community development initiative under Housing New York, which is the Mayor’s plan to build and preserve affordable housing through strategic investments that foster diverse, livable neighborhoods.

Visit the Department of City Planning East Harlem webpage for information about the final approved rezoning,  neighborhood strategies, and planned investments.