Campaign Finance Requirements (Local Law 34)

Campaign Finance Requirements (Local Law 34)

Entities that have business dealings with the City of New York must comply with Local Law 34 of 2007 (LL 34), the City's campaign finance reform law. LL 34 limits municipal campaign contributions from principal officers, owners and senior managers of entities doing business with the City and mandates the creation of a Doing Business Database to allow the City to enforce the law.

Any entity that has purchased or acquired City-owned land, applied for an affordable housing loan or grant, requested discretionary tax benefit, applied for a low income housing tax credit, or requested an inclusionary housing agreement is considered doing business with the City under LL 34 and must complete the Data Form.

The information requested in this Data Form must be provided, regardless of whether the entity of the people associated with it make or intend to make campaign contributions. No sensitive personal information collected will be disclosed to the public.

Doing Business Data Form


Doing Business Accountability Project