NYC Housing Connect Eligibility Review: Required Documents


Below is a full list of documents that may be required to verify your eligibility for an affordable unit. When you receive a document request, please provide all documents below that are relevant to your household. Your household is all of the people who will live in the affordable unit.

Household Employment Income

  • Copies of last 4 to 6 most recent consecutive pay stubs
  • Copies of last year’s W-2 forms (all pages)
  • Copies of signed & completed most recent year’s federal and state tax returns
  • Letter from all former employers in the current year and prior year, stating last date of employment
  • Proof of cash payments:
    • Notarized letters from employers
    • Bank statements that support deposits

For each household member self-employed for at least the previous 2 years, provide:

  • Copies of past 2 years’ signed Form 1040, with schedule C, E or F
  • Copies of all 1099s from the last 2 years
  • Copies of 2 years of state tax returns
  • An estimated projection of your NET self-employment income (gross income minus expenses) for the next 12 months. CPA letter or tax preparer statement on letterhead, or notarized self-statement. Copies of expenses, receipts, and other backup documentation may be required.

For each household member self-employed for less than the previous 2 years, provide:

  • An estimated projection of your NET self-employment income (gross income minus expenses) for the next 12 months. CPA letter or tax preparer statement on letterhead, or notarized self-statement, is acceptable.
  • All third-party documentation supporting the estimate. Examples: receipts, records of expenses, invoices, deposits, cancelled checks, etc.

Household Income from Other Sources

Copies of documentation for:

  • Current valid Section 8 transfer voucher or proof of other rental subsidy
  • Social Security Award letter(s) for most recent calendar year (dated less than 30 days)
  • Veteran's Benefits (annual documentation)
  • Income from rental properties
  • Public Assistance budget letter dated less than 30 days (in some cases letter may need to be dated less than 120 days)
  • Armed Forces Reserves
  • Pension letter (dated less than 30 days)

Do you receive dividends and/or annuities?

  • Copies of statement from issuing institution(s)

Do you receive scholarship and/or grant money?

  • Copies of dated award letters

Do you receive alimony and/or child support?

  • Copies of separation or settlement agreement(s) stating the amount and type of support and payment schedule
  • Copies of any official statement or print-out (dated within the last 120 days and showing activity and amounts), or a notarized affidavit.
  • Do you receive disability insurance, workers’ compensation, and/or severance payments?
  • Copies of last six (6) current consecutive pay stubs or a verification letter

Do you receive recurring contributions and/or gifts? Do you receive other forms of periodic income?

  • Notarized statement and/or affidavit signed by the person providing assistance, including the purpose of the income, dates and value of gift(s), and how often the gift is provided (weekly, monthly, annually).
  • Bank statements supporting receipt of these payments
  • Unemployment Payment history from NYS Department of Labor Online System

Current Residence

  • Copy of your current lease, if you rent your own apartment. If you do not have a lease, a notarized letter from your landlord.
  • Copies of your most recent electric and gas bills (in your name and showing your current address).
  • If you do not rent your own apartment and you are living with someone else, bring a notarized letter from your housemate along with a copy of their lease and copies of their utility bills.

Household Assets

  • Last six most recent checking account statements
  • Most recent statements for any other deposit accounts, i.e. savings, money markets
  • Most recent investors’ statement for stocks and bonds
  • Most recent statement for all other investment accounts, i.e. 401K, IRA, 403b, 414H, NYCERS
  • Most recent statement for life insurance policies
  • Estimated current value of real estate or other investment property, most recent mortgage bill. If selling: price, estimated broker’s fee and closing costs.

After you submit your documents to the Marketing Agent at the affordable housing developmentl, they will review them and contact you if more information is needed.

Additional Documents

If you are eligible for the housing opportunity, you may need the documents below. Please get them ready:

  • Copies of birth certificates for all minors in the household
  • Copies of picture ID for all persons over 18 (examples: driver’s license, passport, Military ID, NYC Municipal ID, non-driver ID)
  • Copies of school letters verifying enrolment for all household members attending school (examples: New York City public school, private school, college, university)
  • Marriage or domestic partnership certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of legal custody or guardianship of all minors (if you are not listed on the birth certificate)

Rent Payment History and Credit Review

Applicants have the choice of either providing 12 months of complete rent payments or consenting to a credit review.

Option 1

If you wish to provide rental payment history, you must bring:

  1. Proof of the amount you are supposed to pay in rent monthly, like your lease, a notarized affidavit from the building owner or manager, etc. AND
  2. Proof that you have paid the full rent each month for the last 12 months. For example:
    • Formal rent receipts
    • Evidence of monthly withdrawals, payments, or transfers, e.g., bank statements
    • Money order receipts or copies
    • Canceled checks
    • Landlord’s written record of rent payments, i.e., rent ledger

If the evidence of rent payments that you provide is incomplete or difficult to verify, you may provide your written consent to the Marketing Agent to contact your current/previous building owner or manager for a rent ledger.

Option 2

If you do not wish to provide rental payment history, or are unable to, you may consent to a credit review.

Has another building manager, owner, real estate broker, or other building representative run a credit check for you within the last 30 days?

  • Yes: bring your copy of the credit check. You could avoid an additional credit check and fee.
  • No: be prepared to pay the non-refundable credit check fee of $20.00 (maximum).