7A Program

7A Program

Through the 7A Program, administrators are appointed by the Court (pursuant to New York State Law) to operate privately owned buildings that have conditions that are dangerous to the tenants' life, health and safety. The administrators act under Court Order to collect rents and use the money to provide essential services to the tenants and make necessary repairs. Experienced housing organizations, rather than individuals, are selected to provide 7A management services.

In some 7A buildings, HPD offers a limited amount of 7A Financial Assistance (7AFA) to repair or replace major systems or make other repairs. HPD monitors the activities of 7A Administrators and administers the 7AFA loan program.

7A Administrator Qualification Requirements

HPD requires certain criteria be met to qualify as a 7A Administrator. All interested parties must submit a 7A Administrator application. To qualify, the 7A applicant must always be the head of his/her respective, approved organization/company. The individual applicant, therefore, must be the owner or highest-level responsible party of the organization/company. Information must be provided for the individual applicant, the company and all owners/partners/members and management of the company. The criteria that approved organizations/companies are required to meet are applicable citywide.

All qualifying candidates' professional organizations, not-for-profit or for profit, must have been in operation for a minimum of three years and have a solid property management background that is in very good to excellent status with all New York State and New York City Government Departments. The organization must currently manage at least 50 dwelling units in the five boroughs of New York City and average 100 or more during the past three years. A minimum of 50 dwelling units in the applicant's current management portfolio must be under the jurisdiction of The New York State Division of Housing Community Renewal (DHCR). The organization must employ sufficient, qualified staff to handle all aspects of property management during office hours and the 7A Administrator, and/ or designated property manager, must be available 24 hours a day to address all building emergencies.

All buildings in the company's portfolio will be thoroughly researched, as will all buildings owned and/or managed during the past ten years by the individual applicant, the owners and/or management of the organization. The records for all buildings must show that all New York State and New York City registration requirements are current and correct, no liens or tax arrears, all violations given by the Environmental Control Board, Department of Buildings and Housing Preservation and Development's Division of Code Enforcement are at a minimum and the response to any notification of a violation has been timely and allowed for the dismissal of the violation. All litigation records or any explanation of litigation, including criminal, bankruptcy and housing related cases, must be considered acceptable after a thorough review.

7A Administrator Application

There are two parts to the 7A application form; one that refers to the organization and all its principals or officers and the other part is for the head of the organization, the 7A applicant.

Please fill out this form completely. Do not leave any answer area blank. If you think that a question is not applicable, please write "N/A."

All information can be typed online in the application and forms provided. In some cases you may need additional space to provide all the information requested. At the end of such questions a form # will be indicated. Go to that form online and fill out as many copies as needed to give a complete response to the question. After printing, insert these additional forms after the page with the related question.

Please review the requirements carefully. If you believe you are a qualified candidate for managing 7A properties, please fill out the 7A application. Fill it out in detail as requested, have it notarized and submit to:

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development,
Division of Special Enforcement
Article 7A Program, 5th Floor, Section K
100 Gold Street
New York, NY 10038

7A Administrator Application 


Please contact 212-863-7356.