New York City Food Standards

New York City was the first major city in the country to set nutrition standards for all foods and meals purchased and served by the City. The food standards were created with the goal of improving the health of all New Yorkers served by City agencies.

The NYC Food Standards were established in 2008 and are required in all NYC government agencies. They were developed to help lower the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and make it easier for New Yorkers served by City agencies to access healthy foods. The Standards recognize the importance of promoting individual, community and planetary health and promote an economically and environmentally sustainable food system.

The Standards set guidelines for any government facility where food is served, including vending machines, meetings/events and in commissaries at correctional facilities. They apply to over 192 million meals served each year at the City's facilities and programs, such as at schools, older adult centers, child care centers, after school programs, correctional facilities, public hospitals and in the shelter system. They also apply to cafeterias/cafés on a voluntary basis.

Nutrition: At Work and in City Facilities

Non-government employers and City agencies can improve workplace food environments by making healthier food and beverages available. They can also educate their staff about good nutrition and health.

We encourage employers to adopt the NYC Food Standards. These Standards are evidence-based nutrition criteria for all foods and beverages employers serve.

The Health Department also provides resources and support for healthy eating workshops that employers and City agencies can hold at their workplaces for staff and community members.

Mandatory Standards and Implementation Guides for City Facilities and Vendors

Voluntary Adoption of the Standards

The Health Department encourages private businesses and community- and faith-based organizations to adopt the NYC Food Standards.

Since 2012, over 40 NYC hospitals have committed to implementing the Standards in their patient meals, food and beverage vending machines and cafeterias and cafés. Over 20 community- and faith-based organizations have committed to implementing the Standards for meetings/events.

Additional Resources to Implement Standards

Check out our other resources below to help you implement NYC Food Standards in your organization.

For more information about how you can follow the NYC Food Standards at your workplace, email

Meals/Snacks Purchased and Served

Meetings and Events

Beverage Vending Machines

Food Vending Machines

Cafeterias and Cafés

Healthy Eating Workshops

The Health Department supports organizations in offering nutrition education to employees and clients through healthy eating workshops. You can deliver workshops as "lunch and learns," worksite wellness activities or nutrition education programs for clients. Each workshop topic below includes a PowerPoint presentation and corresponding notes.

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