Payment plans

The Department of Finance offers payment plans that allow you to pay your property taxes over time, instead of paying the full amount all at once.

There are three types of payment plan: a standard payment plan, a Property Tax and Interest Deferral (PT AID) payment plan, and a reduced interest payment plan.

To determine the best payment plan for you, use the payment plan screening tool.

Please note that a payment plan allows you to make a series of smaller payments instead of making one large payment, but it increases the total amount you will pay, because interest will continue to be added to your balance until the amount you owe is completely paid off.

The standard payment plan is the best option for most taxpayers.

To apply: Submit the Property Tax Payment Agreement Application and provide all required documentation, including proof of your identity and your relationship to the property. (If you have questions, refer to the Standard Payment Plan Online Filing User Guide.)

Down payment: You do not have to make a down payment, but we recommend that you do. The more you pay up front, the lower your payments will be.

Terms: Pay monthly or quarterly for a term of up to 10 years.

The Payment Agreement Estimator can help you estimate your payment amount.

Your single-family home, condominium, or other tax class one property may be eligible for a Reduced Interest Rate Property Tax Payment Plan. See “Option 3: Reduced Interest Payment Plan” below.