Enactment of the 2022 NYC Fire Code ›

On December 15, 2021, the New York City Council passed Intro 2430-A amending and updating the New York City Fire Code. The bill thereafter became law as Local Law No. 47 of 2022. The newly-revised code will be known as the 2022 New York City Fire Code. The 2022 Fire Code will take effect on April 15, 2022.

The Fire Code local law, Local Law No. 47 of 2022, can be viewed here:

Deletions from the existing (2014) New York City Fire Code are shown by [brackets]. New text is underlined.

The 2022 New York Fire Code will be published in a convenient paperbound publication version (without brackets and underlines) by the International Code Council (ICC) and will be available for purchase on the Citystore and ICC websites. The 2022 Fire Code will also posted on this website in chapter format.

The 2022 Fire Code is the culmination of a three-year review of the New York City Fire Code and the 2012 and 2015 editions and selected provisions of the 2018 edition of the International Fire Code, the model code upon which the New York City Fire Code is based. The Fire Department’s review was conducted with the participation of real estate, building management, architectural and engineering societies; trade associations, public utility organizations and others, in consultation with the New York City Council and the Department of Buildings.

The Fire Department posted in May 2021 on this webpage its proposed Fire Code amendments and invited public comment. A four-hour on-line public forum was conducted on June 15, 2021. All comments were carefully considered and revisions made to the proposed Fire Code to address many of the concerns expressed. Additional revisions were made by the City Council during its consideration of the proposed Fire Code local law.

A summary of the Fire Code amendments that the Fire Department deems to be the most significant and/or likely to be of interest in the 2022 Fire Code, can be viewed here, together with a cross-reference table showing the current and new Fire Code chapter and section numbers:

Application of new Fire Code design, installation, operational and maintenance requirements to existing buildings and businesses is as set forth in Fire Code Section FC102. New Fire Code design and installation requirements will be applied to “projects in progress” as set forth in Fire Department rule 3 RCNY 102-01, which will be updated to address enactment of the 2022 Fire Code.

Questions about the 2022 Fire Code and its application may be directed to the Fire Department’s Code Development Unit using the public inquiry form on the Fire Department website (“Questions and Feedback” under the “Codes” tab) or by emailing the unit at code.develop@fdny.nyc.gov.