Meet Your Community Construction Liaisons

Meet Your Community Construction Liaisons

Community Construction Liaisons (CCLs) work on behalf of DDC as the point of contact for stakeholders and the local community. They are responsible for communicating construction impacts to the local community and resolving any construction-related issues. The East Side Coastal Resiliency project has three community construction liaisons. Please meet our CCLs:

Joyce Xin

Project Area 1 (PA1)
Joyce Xin has been involved in large public projects and initiatives for several city agencies including the New York City Housing Authority, New York City Department of Transportation, New York City Parks in addition to work with several private outreach organizations.

Joyce is experienced in conducting grassroots outreach and data management within historically disadvantaged communities in New York City, NYCHA developments and other stakeholder groups. She is fluent in English and Mandarin and has worked in design and construction, as well as data analysis and various business fields on projects spanning several continents.

Joyce is very excited to be working on this local resiliency project and looks forward to meeting all of you in the community.

Nadine Harris

Project Area 2 (PA2)
Nadine Harris has worked alongside numerous notable New York City clients such as the Department of Design and Construction, Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health, Department of Sanitation and Private Utility Organizations.

DDC experience includes: Installation of Perimeter Security Measures-Group A Sites, Times Square Pedestrian Protection Emergency Contract, Trunk Main Connection to Shaft 25B, Reconstruction of School Safety Citywide, Reconstruction of Fulton Street from Clinton Avenue to Bedford Avenue, and others.

Nadine will keep the community informed about the progress of the project via regular bulletins, reports, newsletters and other notifications.

"My goal is to ensure that all stakeholders are well-informed of the project at every phase. I am your go-to person for ANY and Everything you need to know about this project." – Nadine Harris

Tannia Wokoun

Parallel Conveyance (PC)
Tannia Wokoun is a CCL who has represented the New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) for the past four (4) years. She was instrumental in the completion of a infrastructure watermain project in the Washington Height area of Manhattan. Prior to her time with NYCDDC she worked for the NYSDOT on the rehabilitation of the Major Deegan Expressway Viaduct in the Bronx. Tannia has a background in hospitality and is fluent in English and Spanish. In the words of her Costa Rican heritage she wishes everyone Pura Vida, a Pure and Healthy Life.

Nadine, Joyce, and Tannia will be facilitating inquiry responses between the Team and our partnering agencies moving forward, so please direct all questions to them through the Inquiry Tool

Inquiry Tool