Long-Term Care Facilities

Adult care facilities and nursing homes care for people who may be more vulnerable during emergencies. Facility managers can improve their procedures during emergencies by reviewing our tools and resources below. To learn more about how you can use the below programs or tools in your facility, email healthcareprep@health.nyc.gov

Long-Term Care Emergency Management Program and Assessment Tool

The Long-Term Care Emergency Management Program and Assessment Tool can help your facility prepare for and respond to emergencies. It focuses on emergency preparedness core concepts and techniques to sustain emergency preparedness levels with a multi-disciplinary emergency management team. The assessment tool is specifically designed to measure a long-term care facility’s levels of preparedness. It addresses:

  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Risk analysis
  • Communications capabilities
  • Staff training
  • Integration with acute care facilities
  • Community planning

Long-Term Care Exercise Program

The Long-Term Care Exercise Program aims to improve a facility’s disaster readiness by teaching teams how to design, develop, conduct and evaluate meaningful exercises. The purpose of this program is for participating facilities to build upon the knowledge learned through the Long-Term Care Emergency Management Program series.

The program will show you how to develop and conduct tabletop and functional exercises. These exercises identify the strengths and opportunities for improvement in emergency response under simulated conditions.

The Long-Term Care Continuity Planning Program shows facilities how they can continue to care for residents and maintain operations during a disaster. Participating facilities gain a greater level of support and guidance and develop leadership expertise that can be tapped to institutionalize continuity planning programs.

New York State Evacuation of Facilities in Disaster System (eFINDS)

If you evacuate your facility during an emergency, you must register and update patient/resident locations and status into a public database to make sure family and health care providers have up-to-date information.

Nursing Home Associations

The below nursing home associations can also provide tools and resources to help your facility during emergencies.

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