Caring for Your Feet

Foot problems can make it harder to stay physically active and increase your risk of tripping, slipping and falling. Such painful conditions include bunions, corns, calluses and warts.

To keep your feet healthy and pain-free, you should:

  • Keep them clean and dry, especially between your toes.
  • Trim your toenails regularly.
  • Never try to treat serious foot problems at home – make an appointment with your doctor.


Wearing comfortable shoes that fit well can reduce your risk of falling.

Here are some tips on choosing the most appropriate footwear:

  • Wear shoes with a firm sole that doesn’t slip.
  • Wear walking shoes
  • Don’t wear shoes with heels taller than 1 inch.
  • Don’t wear slippers or flip-flops, even at home.
  • Don’t walk in socks or stockings, even at home.
  • Limit your time walking barefoot, even at home.

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