Climate and Health

The weather in New York City can sometimes be extreme, with events such as heat waves, blizzards and hurricanes. With climate change, these extreme events are occurring more frequently and becoming more dangerous — increasing the risk of illness, injury or death.

These hazards include:

Climate change and extreme weather can pose the greatest risks to older adults, young children and people with physical or mental illnesses or disabilities. Communities in the city that have been historically deprived of public resources are at greater risk from the health and economic threats from our climate. In NYC, these are often low-income communities of color.

You can find out how climate risks and health impacts differ among NYC neighborhoods in the Climate and Health Reports on the NYC Health Department's Environment and Health Data Portal.

Scientific Articles

The articles listed below examine climate and health in New York City. They were co-written by Health Department staff. Most of them were published in peer-reviewed journals to help scientists, policy makers and other professionals better understand our climate and its risks.


Allergy and Asthma

Climate Change

Coastal Storms

Extreme Cold

Extreme Heat

Power Outages

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