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Employee Recognition Program

Recognize your peers - Employee Recognition Program


The Employee Recognition Program, established in 2016 and starting in January 2017, is to help DOC employees Recognize Your Peers. Each command will recognize one uniformed and one non-uniformed employee monthly as Employees of the Month through a nomination and committee selection process. For more information on this program, check the Frequently Asked Questions or Directive #2261R, or ask your command's Employee Recognition Committee representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Employee Recognition Program (ERP)?

This new initiative, established in 2016 and starting in January 2017, is to help DOC employees Recognize Your Peers. Any employee, uniformed or non-uniformed, can nominate any colleague to be considered for Employee of the Month based on:

  1. exemplary performance of duty, or
  2. enhancing effective and efficient operations of the department, or
  3. an accomplishment which reflects credit to the command or DOC, or
  4. distinguished career achievement, or
  5. significant contribution to her/his community

How can I nominate someone?

All members of staff (uniformed and non-uniformed) can nominate any DOC staff member by filling out a ballot (found at the collection locations or memo book insert 2261R-A) and dropping it into the orange ballot box located at each command and several other high-traffic areas such as the Samuel Perry Center and HQ.

Nominations can also be submitted online at the Employee Recognition Program website (links found on the DOC Homepage, Intranet, and below).

Employee Recognition Program Nomination Form

Who can be selected?

Any DOC employee, uniformed or non-uniformed, can be selected for this honor.

When does voting close?

Employee recognition nomination cards must be submitted no later than the 3rd Thursday of each month.

How are winners announced?

Employee of the Month selections will be announced on the 1st Monday of each month by teletype, and the recipient's photo will be posted in their command.

How are winners selected?

The Employee Recognition Committee will convene monthly to review the nomination ballots that have been received. One (1) uniformed and one (1) non-uniformed staff member per command will be selected monthly.

Is this the same as the old Employee of the Month?

No, this recently created program, is a brand new way for employees to recognize their peers.

Can I submit nominations anonymously?

No. Any nomination ballots that are not completely filled out (including nominator's name, signature, and shield/ID number) will not be counted. (Furthermore, multiple recommendations for the same nominee from the same nominator will not be counted.)

How are the Employees of the Year selected?

The Commissioner and his/her designees shall determine each command's Employees of the Year from the pool of monthly recipients.

Where can I go for more information?

Please refer to Directive #2261R, or speak to your command's Employee Recognition Committee representative.

You can also send an email to EmployeeRecognition@doc.nyc.gov with questions.