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Families with Children: DHS College Prep

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The goal of this project is to conduct early outreach to high school seniors so that they are supported in the post-secondary school application process and are provided with resources through partnerships with the Department of Education; CUNY; SUNY; and the New York, Queens, and Brooklyn Public Libraries. DHS will host a summer graduation ceremony to celebrate DHS graduating and college-bound seniors. If program participants provide proof of college admission by June, DHS will provide them with a free laptop.

The program is designed for high school seniors looking for additional support with the college application process.

If you're currently a college-bound graduating high school senior who resides in a DHS shelter, you are eligible for the free laptop.

If you have been participating in the DHS College Prep Project and have submitted your college acceptance letter, you will still be invited to the College-Bound High School Graduation Ceremony.

DHS welcomes students of all grades to attend any of the College Prep Project events. It is never too early to start learning about college and the application process.

Provide your case manager with a copy of your college acceptance letter with your email address on it. Your case manager must email this information to Melissa Serrano at If you have questions, feel free to email Melissa Serrano directly.

You will receive your free laptop at the annual College-Bound High School Senior Graduation Ceremony, held in the early summer.

The DHS College Prep Project facilitates one workshop each month, on average. Topics range from completing a FAFSA to how to empower yourself financially.

DHS can provide guidance in finding scholarship opportunities and will connect you with its partners to help you secure scholarships.

Have another question for us? Email it to Melissa Serrano and check back here soon for the answer.


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