Advisory Council

The Department for the Aging’s Advisory Council advises the Department and the Commissioner on policies and programs.

The Advisory Council has 31 members. The City Council recommends 10 of the members - two from each borough - to better represent the City's diversity. At least 16 members come from nonprofit organizations that serve older New Yorkers. Other members have experience and knowledge in social services, health, and the academic community.

The Older Americans Act and City charter require Department for the Aging to have an Advisory Council. The Mayor appoints all members, who serve for three years and aren't paid for their work.

Advisory Council Members

  • Michael Adams
  • Jennifer Jones Austin
  • Isabel Ching, chairperson
  • Doralina Colón
  • William J. Dionne
  • Belinda Dixon
  • Carol Dunn
  • David Gillchrist
  • Lewis Goldstein
  • Claire Hall
  • Gladys Joyner
  • Richard Kuo
  • Rafael Lantigua
  • Evelyn Laureano
  • Hattie Lucas
  • Maria Luna
  • Claudette Macey
  • Katherine Martinez
  • Nancy Miller
  • Carmen Morano
  • Mohammad Razvi
  • Zamira Setaro
  • Beth Shapiro
  • Susan Stamler
  • Eartha Thompson-Washington
  • Gloria Lind Vanterpool
  • Rabbi Moshe Wiener