Women-Designed NYC

As a first step toward achieving the ambitious goal to recognize all of the unsung women whose work has shaped the public realm of New York City, the Public Design Commission created Women-Designed NYC, a publication that focuses on women-led projects awarded by the Public Design Commission over the past ten years. This publication includes a wide variety of project typologies representing a cross-section of the built environment - from parks and streetscapes to artworks, cultural facilities, and infrastructure. It also includes a timeline of the women members of the Public Design Commission. Every design in this book is the result of the hard work of many people, inclusive of all gender identities. It takes a team to build a great city, and it takes strong women leaders too.

"A world-class City such as New York is only possible because of the vision and talents of our architects, engineers, and designers, who, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, and background, design and create awe-inspiring buildings and public spaces where we live and work. Yet, all too often, we fail to equally recognize and celebrate the contributions of all of these visionaries. Women-Designed NYC is one way to right that wrong. The Commission on Gender Equity applauds the Public Design Commission, its Executive Director Justin Garrett Moore, and its Deputy Executive Director Keri Butler for releasing this new publication. In so doing, they underscore that women have been and will always be leading contributors to the strength, vitality, and beauty of New York City."

Jacqueline Ebanks, Executive Director, NYC Commission on Gender Equity

The Public Design Commission would like to thank the following people and groups for their generous support of this publication: Kerry Nolan and Vivian Lee of the AIANY Women in Architecture Committee, the AIANY Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the Center for Architecture, the NYC Commission on Gender Equity, the Mayor's Office Print Shop, Michaela Metcalfe and Becky Yurek of the NYC Department of Design and Construction, Alicia West, and all of the people who put so much hard work into designing New York City.


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