Waterbody Advisories

You can use the Waterbody Advisory System when planning recreational activities on New York City waterways other than beaches. It is based on water quality models and real-time rainfall data. The Waterbody Advisory System (beta version):

  • Expands the number of waterbodies that could receive an advisory from 28 to 45
  • Utilizes and displays rainfall data from rain gauges at all 14 Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Provides more detailed advisory durations based on measured rainfall
  • Uses New York State water quality standards

For beach information, visit NYC Beach Water Quality. Learn more about ways we are improving water quality in New York City.

If you detect any problems with the Waterbody Advisory System, please email ltcp@dep.nyc.gov. You can also sign up for waterbody alerts at NotifyNYC.

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