Stormwater Permitting Updates for the Unified Stormwater Rule

September 15, 2022

The Unified Stormwater Rule, USWR, became effective 15 February 2022. As part of the USWR, RCNY Title 15 Chapter 19.1 was extended citywide and the thresholds for a project being a covered development project were extended. To reflect the updates to the rules, the Stormwater Permitting and Tracking System, SWPTS, is undergoing some changes.

On September 6, 2022, the format for entering stormwater management practice (SMP) data, was updated to comply with the unified stormwater rule. The new input screen allows applicants to enter each practice separately.

A module has been added for applicants to request an extended Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, SWPPP, approval. SWPPP Acceptance/Approvals expire two years from date of issue, but the rule allows one 1-year extension with a written request explaining the delay and a fee. The extension module in SWPTS requires DEP to Pre-Approve the extension before requiring a fee from the User.

For instructions on how to use the SWPTS, please see the updated SWPTS User Manual on our web page found at Stormwater Permits.

Look for additional system changes to help us serve you better.

Please email if you have any technical questions concerning the SWPTS; email if you have questions about applying for a stormwater construction or maintenance permit.