Asbestos Handler Certification Applications

To apply for a certification as an asbestos handler, restricted handlers, asbestos handler supervisors, and/or asbestos investigators, please follow the instructions included in the applications and complete and submit the appropriate forms to us. If you'd like to withdrawal your consent to use your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) photo for ID purposes, download the Withdrawal of Consent Form.

For general asbestos information, visit Asbestos Abatement.

Asbestos Handler Certification Applicaton

Individuals who engage in asbestos projects or in asbestos abatement activities on minor projects must be certified as asbestos handlers by DEP.

Individuals who are involved in the construction of the containment barriers of a work area (e.g. carpenters), or who otherwise enter the contained work area for a limited period of time to perform certain specialized tasks in preparation for, or ancillary to, the actual abatement (e.g. electricians) must be certified as restricted asbestos handlers by DEP. Restricted handlers may not perform abatement handling of asbestos-containing materials.

The Asbestos Handler Certification Application is available in: English, Español, 简体中文, русский, Kreyòl ayisyen, 한국어, বাংলা, Polski, العربية, Français, اردو.

Asbestos Handler Supervisor Certification Application

Individuals who supervise asbestos handlers must be certified by DEP as asbestos supervisors. At least one asbestos handler supervisor must be present at the work site while abatement activities are being conducted on an asbestos project. Certified asbestos supervisors must ensure that proper asbestos abatement procedures as well as individual safety procedures are being adhered to at all times.

Asbestos Investigator Certification Application