Competitive Sealed Bid FAQs

The Contract Management Office handles bids and proposals over the small purchase limit ($100,000). For general information about upcoming bids, proposals, and mentorship programs at DEP, visit Bids and Proposals.

How do I register as a prospective bidder?

DEP, like all City agencies, uses the Citywide Bidders list, to obtain the names of vendors to whom solicitation notices will be sent. You may go to the Vendor Enrollment Center to obtain the application and the information as to where to send your completed application. Once you register with the Vendor Enrollment Center, you will receive an email when DEP (or any other City agency) is soliciting bids for the type of work your company does.

What is the mailing address to submit a bid?

You may mail, hand deliver or express mail your completed bid package to the following address:

Bid Administrator
Department of Environmental Protection
59-17 Junction Blvd. 17th Floor Bid Room
Flushing, New York 11373

Please be sure to put 17th Floor on your address envelope, and you should mark the outside envelope with BID ENCLOSED. Be reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure that your bid is delivered to the Bid Room by 11:30am on the bid due date. LATE BIDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. You may call 718-595-3265 to ensure that your bid has been delivered.

When and where are bids opened?

DEP almost always (with very rare exceptions that are clearly stated) opens bids at 11:30am on the given day. Bids are always publicly opened on the 17th Floor of 59-17 Junction Blvd. in Flushing. This is true even for contracting work that will take place in the Upstate Counties.

What if my bid is late?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your bid is delivered to the Bid Room by the due date and time. Late bids are not accepted. A late bid will be returned to the bidder unopened and will not be considered for award.

Can I obtain bid results on-line?

For preliminary bid results, visit our Bid Results page. You may also obtain bid results by calling the DEP Bid Room at 718-595-3265.

How can I obtain a list of potential bidders for a contract?

You may obtain the Planholders List (the list of everyone who has bought the plans and specifications for a particular contract) by calling the Bid Room at 718-595-3265 and asking that the List be sent to you. There is no charge for the list.

Where can I obtain bid documents?

You may obtain the bid documents by mailing in a request along with a Company Check or Money Order for the amount of the Documents to the DEP Bid Room, 59-17 Junction Blvd Flushing NY, 11373 at 718-595-3265 and asking that the documents be mailed to you (you will have to provide us with a Federal Express or UPS Account number). Or you may visit the DEP Bid Room located on the 17th Floor of 59-17 Junction Blvd in Flushing. The Bid Room is open daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm You will be required to stop at the security desk prior to gaining access to the 17th Floor, so be sure to bring identification with you.

Is there a charge for bid documents?

Yes, there is a fee for plans and specifications. The fees range from $10.00 to $100.00 depending on the estimate of the Contract. To determine the exact fee for the plans and specifications you are interested in purchasing, call the DEP Bid Room at 718-595-3265. Only Money Orders, Company Checks or Certified Bank Checks will be accepted. We do not accept cash or personal checks.

Can I obtain bid documents on-line?

At the present time, DEP does not post bid documents on-line. The only way to obtain bid documents is through DEP’s Bid Room located on the 17th Floor of 59-17 Junction Blvd. in Flushing. The telephone number is 718-595-3265. The Bid Room is open daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

What is PASSPort and how can I obtain the right forms?

The Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort), is the city’s online procurement tool. PASSPort makes it easier for vendors to submit and keep disclosure documents up-to-date. PASSPort allows agencies to make determinations for contract awards and complete performance evaluations online. For updates on PASSPort, visit the PASSPort website.

When is bid security required for a bid?

Bid security (in the form of a Bid Bond or a certified check) is required for construction contracts that are estimated to cost more than $500,000. Bid security is usually required to be 5% of the total bid for the Contract. For construction related services or service contracts, bid security is sometimes, although rarely, required. To determine whether bid security is required for a contract you will be bidding on, check the Contract’s Schedule A (located in the bid package) or you can call the Bid Room at 718-595-3265.

Where can I go to see what DEP contracts are currently being advertised for bid?

You can visit the City Record On-Line to see what contracts are currently being advertised for bids from all City agencies, including DEP. You may also visit DEP’s Bid Room, located at 59-17 Junction Blvd, 17th floor, where a list is posted of all upcoming DEP contracts. Or you may contact the Bid Room for the List of Jobs at (718) 595-3265.

What is the Procurement Policy Board and how can I obtain the current Rules?

The Procurement Policy Board is the body which sets procurement policy for all City agencies. Its members are appointed by the New York City Comptroller and the Mayor. The Rules of the Procurement Policy Board are the rules that govern the procurement of goods, services and construction within the City.