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City Upgrades Key Link in Bike Network Connecting Canarsie to Jamaica Bay

Completed one year ahead of schedule and more than 40 percent under budget

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(Brooklyn, NY – August 24, 2023) The NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) today announced an upgrade to a key bike lane link near Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn which connects Canarsie to the Gateway National Recreation Area, Jamaica Bay and the Rockaways. The $1.9 million project to build the new section of grade-separated, two-way bike lanes on Shore Parkway was managed by DDC for DOT and was completed one year ahead of schedule and more than $1.45 million under budget. Funding was provided by DOT and NYS Homes and Community Renewal’s Office of Resilient Homes and Communities.

The raised bike lane on a new curb extension

The raised bike lane on a new curb extension at Rockaway Parkway and Shore Parkway increases safety and visibility for bicyclists

“Every neighborhood deserves safe cycling infrastructure. This project completes a critical missing link for riders accessing the Jamaica Bay and will enhance safety along this stretch of Shore Parkway for everyone, including cyclists, drivers and pedestrians,” said NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. “We thank DDC for their efforts to complete this project ahead of time and under budget.”

“This is a tremendous safety upgrade for bicyclists who have to negotiate the Belt Parkway exit ramps and the traffic circle at Canarsie Pier in order to access Jamaica Bay,” said NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) Commissioner Thomas Foley. “DDC’s in-house project management team saw an opportunity to complete this project in half the time and with substantial cost savings, did their due diligence and made it happen.”

ADA compliant pedestrian ramp

Thirteen new ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps feature high-visibility markings

Project details

The project, known as the Canarsie Pier Connector, provides direct access to the Jamaica Bay by linking the existing bike network to the Canarsie Pier entrance to the Jamaica Bay Greenway. This Greenway construction builds out a missing segment of the existing bike network connecting the Canarsie neighborhood to Canarsie Pier and Gateway National Recreation Area and is key to providing alternatives to car travel for the neighborhood. The Canarsie Pier Connector also contributes to the long-term integrity of the regionally significant Jamaica Bay Greenway by providing upland connections to the surrounding, densely populated neighborhoods of Canarsie, Paerdegat Basin and Flatlands.

Work began in June 2022 and concluded June 30, 2023, a full year ahead of schedule after a value engineering study by DDC convinced the two City agencies to perform the work during day time instead of overnight. In total, more than 1,000 feet of curbs and 12,000 square feet of sidewalks were replaced or newly installed. Eight old pedestrian ramps were upgraded and five new ADA-compliant ramps were installed while six trees were also added to the area. Nine new catch basins were installed to improve drainage and two fire hydrants were replaced with new ones.

NYS Homes and Community Renewal Commissioner Ruthanne Visnauskas said, “Families near Canarsie and Jamaica Bay are now better protected from flooding and better connected to one another thanks to this important project that improves drainage and updates street safety. We are proud to work with our partners to build more resilient communities.”

“We at JPL Industries join with Commissioner Foley and the staff of NYC Department for Design and Construction in the satisfaction that we were part of the process that made this important and necessary project a success both in cost savings and equally important in time saved to complete the work. We strongly maintain as contractors that mutual cooperation and working in partnership with NYC Department of Design and Construction will always achieve success and positive results for the public for who we all serve,” said Joseph Pizzirusso, Vice President, JPL Industries, the contractor that performed the work.

new raised bike lane

The new raised bike lane at the Canarsie Pier traffic circle

“It's exciting to see more New Yorkers connected to the Brooklyn Greenway! Greenways are valuable community resources for recreation, active transportation, and non-motor vehicle access to open spaces like the Jamaica Bay waterfront,” said Hunter Armstrong, the Executive Director of the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. “We’re pleased to see NYC DOT and NYC DDC committed to finishing projects like the Canarsie Pier Connector to rectify the limited access to the Greenway from adjacent neighborhoods like Canarsie.”

“The completion of the Canarsie Pier Connector is a game changer that will increase the number of cyclists, which is good for the environment and the health of New Yorkers,” said Ken Podziba, President and CEO of Bike New York. “We thank DOT and DDC for making this critical connection a reality and doing so ahead of schedule and under budget.”

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