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Infrastructure Upgrades Bringing New Storm Sewers to West Cedarview Avenue in Richmond

A Map of the Project Area and Photos of the Work are Available on DEP’s Flickr Page

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(Richmond, NY – July 9, 2020) The NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) announced today that a $6 million project has begun in Richmond, Staten Island to alleviate flooding and upgrade infrastructure. The project is funded by DEP and managed by DDC, and is scheduled to be completed in summer 2021.

The $6 million infrastructure project in Richmond, Staten Island includes the installaton of 2,200 feet of new storm sewers

A new $6 million drainage system along West Cedarview Avenue, including storm sewers and catch basins, will alleviate street flooding in this hilly neighborhood,” said DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza. “I want to thank our colleagues at DDC for again partnering with us on a project that positively impacts the quality of life for Staten Islanders.”

“When the new storm sewers and catch basins are installed, West Cedarview Avenue will no longer have water accumulation in the downhill areas,” said DDC Commissioner Lorraine Grillo. “We are happy to work with our partners at DEP to improve the streets for the residents of Staten Island.”

“We welcome these types of infrastructure upgrades, so we extend much gratitude to our partners at NYC DDC and NYC DEP. Weather forecasts of ordinary rain fall shouldn't give Staten Islanders pause and concerns for flooding and potential negative impacts to their homes and community. This project should eliminate that angst for some Staten Islanders, and that is something we welcome and appreciate,” said Staten Island Borough President Oddo.

"This relatively low-cost but high impact project will provide significant and much-needed flooding relief to Cedarview Avenue and the surrounding community. I am thankful to DEP and DDC for partnering with me to continue to improve vital water management infrastructure across my district and Staten Island," said Minority Leader Steven Matteo.

A new 24-inch storm sewer being installed on West Cedarview Avenue between Kensico Street and Amber Street

Construction began in January 2020 and will occur on 10 individual blocks. Since there are no existing storm sewers, 2,200 feet of new storm sewers will be added to alleviate flooding. To better direct the stormwater to the new sewers, four catch basins will be replaced and 19 new catch basins will be installed. Approximately 1,500 feet of sanitary sewers and 3,150 feet of water mains will also be replaced.

As part of the final street restoration, 10,000 square yards of roadway will be laid down and sidewalks and curbs that will be reconstructed in areas to better direct the flow of stormwater to the new catch basins. Five new trees will be planted in the project area once construction is complete.

To manage the needs of residents and businesses during construction, DDC has a full-time Community Construction Liaison (CCL) assigned to the project. CCL Bob Brock keeps the neighborhood apprised of construction progress, coordinates street closures and utility shutoffs and can arrange special requests such as deliveries to local homes and businesses. Mr. Brock works on-site and is directly accessible to the public at (347)872-6120 or by email at


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