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DDC Blood Donor Recognition Program Honors “Galloneers” Who Have Donated at Least Eight Pints

DDC recognized as second highest participating agency in Citywide blood donation program

June 13, 2019

DDC: Shoshana Khan, 718-391-1251,

(Long Island City, NY – June 13, 2019) A total of 136 NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) employees who have donated at least eight pints of blood through the Citywide Employee Blood Program were honored today as members of the “DDC Galloneers Club” in a ceremony at the agency’s Long Island City headquarters. 


One-gallon donors were honored as members of the “DDC Galloneers Club” at the 2019 DDC Blood Donor Recognition Program

In May, at the Annual NYC Employee Blood Program Coordinator’s Recognition Ceremony in Manhattan, DDC tied for second place for the “Top Participating Agency Award,” and placed third for highest average of pints donated per individual blood drive event (119).

“Blood is one of the most valuable gifts because it can help save a life,” said DDC Commissioner Lorraine Grillo. “Since 2000, DDC employees have donated 6,235 pints of blood, and we continuously encourage members of the agency to contribute what they are able to the City’s very critical blood supply.”


DDC Program Director James Thorsen has donated 13 gallons to the City’s blood supply

“Less than an hour of my time is a very small price to pay knowing that my blood will help someone else in need. There has been a few instances where I’ve convinced people to donate,” said DDC Program Director James Thorsen. “I try to donate as much as I can and I even contribute to the drives at my local fire department.”


DDC Project Executive Kenneth Petrocca has donated 12 gallons to the City’s blood supply

“I started donating back when I was in college and I always knew it was the right thing to do,” said DDC Project Executive Kenneth Petrocca. “About eight years ago when my dad got sick I wanted to donate my blood, but since I was donating so often, I wasn’t able to donate. That’s the moment for me when it got real, to see who gets the blood and why the blood goes to someone in need.”

The new Galloneers were presented with a membership lapel pin, a DDC commemorative certificate created by the agency’s Human Resources and Staff Development (HRSD) division and a certificate from the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) indicating the number of pints donated. Overall, DDC employees donated a record 477 pints of blood through the Citywide Employee Blood Program in 2018, a 372 percent increase from when the program began in 2000.

New York City’s employee blood donor program is managed through DCAS, which in conjunction with the New York Blood Center sponsors the City Donor Corps (CDC). CDC is comprised of City employees from participating agencies, City-affiliated institutions and public authorities who give blood once a year. Members may voluntarily donate as many as five times a year.

Future DDC blood drives are scheduled for June 20, September 26 and December 11.

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