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DDC Urges Caution Around Construction Zones as Warmer Weather Leads to More Work

April 9, 2019

DDC: Shoshana Khan, 718-391-1251,

NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) Associate Commissioner of Infrastructure Program Management Luis Sanchez joined officials from the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and National Grid on the Brooklyn Bridge today to bring awareness to National Work Zone Awareness Week and to encourage motorists to be more cautious when driving near construction zones.

DDC Associate Commissioner Luis Sanchez is joined on the Brooklyn Bridge by DOT, DEP and National Grid to discuss the importance of National Work Zone Awareness Week

“Spring and summer are prime construction seasons, with more infrastructure projects underway than at any other time, and for the sake of construction workers, motorists and pedestrians alike we urge people to slow down and show caution around construction sites,” said DDC Commissioner Lorraine Grillo. “Every year there are preventable accidents that can result in loss of life. Please pay attention and be aware of your surroundings near work zones.”

“DDC reconstructed nearly 20 full miles of City streets last year and managed hundreds of roadway, plaza, sewer and watermain projects valued over $9 billion,” said DDC Associate Commissioner Sanchez. “It’s imperative that people be distraction-free when passing a construction site.”

Each DDC street project starts with a Maintenance and Protection of Traffic plan, which details traffic patterns for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians around the site. Safety measures can include construction work zone signs, barricades, lights and traffic barrels. When necessary, flag personnel are on site to direct traffic and maintain adequate space between construction workers, equipment and the public. 

The NYC Department of Transportation changes a sign on the Brooklyn Bridge to demonstrate proper work zone safety measures

DDC has a separate quality control unit committed to performing nearly 1,300 safety audits every year and over 1,100 employees attended safety trainings in the last two years.

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