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DDC Tours the Intrepid for “Take Our Children to Work Day”

April 26, 2018

Dan Leibel

New York, NY – The Department of Design and Construction’s (DDC) STEAM education initiative brought 48 sons and daughters of DDC employees to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum today for “Take Our Children to Work Day,” a nationwide 25-year-old program that helps expose boys and girls to what a parent or mentor in their lives does during the work day, demonstrating the value of education and helping them envision future career opportunities. 

The young family members of DDC staffers were invited to take part in an immersive educational experience that included demonstrations of mechanical systems, exhibits of naval and air force equipment, and opportunities to get close to exclusive heavy machinery, including a visit with NASA’s enterprise Space Shuttle and many of the U.S. Air Force’s advanced planes and helicopters. Students aged 7 to 13 interacted with the historic aircraft carrier, which served the U.S. Navy from 1943 until 1974.

Take Our Children to Work Day program at the Intrepid
48 students attended DDC’s 2018 Take Our Children to Work Day program at the Intrepid

“Take Our Children to Work Day is a great tool to educate kids about the evolution of technology and the opportunities that abound in the field of engineering,” said DDC Acting Commissioner Ana Barrio “DDC STEAM is all about exposing students to technical career fields, and the Intrepid’s exhibits present many historic scientific advancements at a level that’s accessible for students of all ages.” 

DDC Unit Director Mohammad Haque brought his son Nasif, a second grader in Queens, for Take Our Children to Work Day. The 8-year-old said he enjoyed the Intrepid’s flight simulator and that someday he might like to fly a real jet.

“This trip was great because it exposed the children to superb technology and it opens their eyes to ideas in mechanics, engineering and more,” said Mohammed Haque. “It is great to spend time with my kid on a rare occasion like this.”

DDC Unit Director Mohammad Haque and his son Nasif
DDC Unit Director Mohammad Haque and his son Nasif at the Intrepid for DDC's Take Our Children to Work Day

Another chaperone, Infrastructure Director Nitin Patel, emphasized the importance of this trip in regards to the many lessons to be learned from the intrepid and its neighbors at nearby piers in the Hudson River.

“Across the river you see dredging. It makes the kids wonder about why something might need to be dredged and it makes you think about how a ship like the Intrepid could get stuck in the mud. The trip was a great chance to change perspective, especially for the kids,” said Nitin Patel. “The impact of this visit teaches the kids about buoyancy, the importance of upkeep, it shows them professional opportunities, and overall is a great opportunity to see things you don’t get to see in daily life.”

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