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September 18, 2015

Ribbon Cutting: Ravenswood Universal Pre-Kindergarten

When Mayor de Blasio made Universal Pre-K (UPK) one of his top priorities, the Department of Design and Construction committed to overseeing the creation and upgrade of classrooms across all five boroughs. One such space is the Ravenswood Universal Pre-K. Operated out of a branch of the Queens Public Library in the ground floor of the Ravenswood Houses, the space brings a much-needed educational space to the heart of Queens. Over a three-month period, the Department of Design and Construction renovated the 3,200 square-foot space, ensuring modifications were made to bring two new UPK classrooms up to compliance and modern standards.

The renovation included to new classrooms, ADA and children’s bathrooms, staff and pantry area, a janitor’s space, and a greeting area. To ensure a safe learning environment, a fire alarm system was installed, along with new heating and ventilation systems, plumbing and lighting. DDC designed the two classrooms with children in mind—bright colors, such as yellow and orange, cover the walls, and colorful padding was wrapped around interior columns to prevent injury. The final touches of the space include cubbies, desks, and computers.

DDC is proud and excited to contribute to the well-being and educational opportunity of 39 students each and every year.