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Ribbon Cutting: City Water Tunnel No. 3

October 16, 2013
On October 16, Mayor Bloomberg announced the completion and activation of City Water Tunnel No. 3, the largest capital construction project in the City’s history. This crucial addition to the City’s infrastructure will provide clean drinking water to the City’s boroughs, reducing reliance on Water Tunnels Nos. 1 and 2, which were built in 1917 and 1936, respectively. The announcement took place next to the fountain at City Hall Park, where several of the tunnel’s laborers and engineers were on hand to celebrate the major milestone. “Water Tunnel No. 3 will ensure that millions of New Yorkers continue to have a reliable supply of water while also allowing us for the first time to do inspection and maintenance of the city’s First Water Tunnel,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

“The Third Water Tunnel is a testament to the importance of long term planning,” added Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway. Construction began nearly 40 years ago and was guided through several administrations changes. Today, the tunnel runs more than 60 miles in length, spanning from the Hillview Reservoir in Yonkers, through the Bronx, Manhattan, and across the East River into Brooklyn and Queens.

“DDC is working to connect the new water tunnel to the City’s water mains, and from there to homes and businesses,” said Department of Design and Construction Commissioner David J. Burney. “In the process, we’re improving the City’s infrastructure, with new water and sewer mains, roadway surfaces, sidewalks, street lights, and more. The 14 projects necessary to connect the new water tunnel were designed in-house by DDC engineers, and are being managed by the agency’s construction staff, in close coordination with local residents, businesses, and institutions, as well as our fellow City agencies. I thank Mayor Bloomberg and our partners at DEP for their dedication to completing this long-awaited project.”