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November 10, 2015

Historic Richmond Town Receives a Modern Upgrade

People gathered to break ground at Historic Richmond Town.

A trip back in time is no further than Staten Island, where a cluster of late 17th century homes makes up the living history village of Historic Richmond Town. Established in 1958, Historic Richmond Town is a joint project of the Staten Island Historical Society and the City of New York that preserves the rich, diverse history of the region. The 50 acres of land holds more than 30 historic buildings, 10 of which are listed as landmarks. The best way to ensure the future of these structures is through modern upgrades.

DDC Commissioner Peña-Mora was joined by Staten Island Borough President James Oddo and members of the community to break ground on a project that will repair and improve infrastructure throughout the museum grounds. The project includes new street lighting, repaved roads, and new water mains. These upgrades will allow the grounds to switch from septic to sewer, which will help serve larger groups of visitors.

The village will remain open during construction so that visitors will continue to have access to the institution’s building, artifacts, and special programs. As an institution founded to celebrate ordinary people of every background who work together to build an extraordinary country, Historic Richmond Town is an exciting project that we’re proud to undertake.