Civil Service System

All jobs within City government are assigned a specific civil service title. All titles are grouped into one of four categories:

Competitive Class

Most positions within City government are in the competitive class. These are positions where it is possible for a test to determine an applicant's merit and fitness for the job. Examples include Police Officers and most Administrative and Technical positions. Appointments to competitive class titles can be permanent (if appointed from a civil service list) or provisional. For more information on upcoming exams visit our Current & Upcoming Exams page.

NYS Civil Service Law allows a qualified person with a certified mental or physical disability to be hired into competitive civil service positions without having to take an exam though the 55-a program. To learn more about this program visit the 55-a program page.

Non-Competitive Class

When a test is not practicable, but there are specific qualifications for a job, these positions are in the Non-Competitive class. Examples include jobs such as Community Assistant or Agency Attorney.

Labor Class

Positions reserved for certain laborer titles that do not have minimum education or experience requirements. Examples include City Laborer and City Mortuary Technician.

Exempt Class

Those few positions, typically with a close and confidential relationship with the appointing authority and/or his or her deputies, for which the appointing authority is entitled to determine the qualifications and to evaluate merit and fitness, are in the Exempt class. Examples include Deputy Commissioner and Executive Assistant.

Non-Competitive, exempt, and labor class positions do not require competitive examinations and do not have permanent civil service status. To view positions within these three categories, please visit NYC Jobs.