Recent Citywide Contract Awards

A list of recent citywide contracts awarded in the preceding 30 days is refreshed weekly on Fridays and is available for review.

Competitive Sealed Bid (CSB) Awards

Contracts to provide goods to the City of New York are awarded to qualified responsible vendors whose bids meet the requirements and objectively measurable evaluation criteria, and whose bid is the lowest responsive bid price.

Upon determining the lowest responsive and responsible bidder and prior to award, the contracting officer may elect to open negotiations with the selected vendor in an effort to improve the bid to the City with respect to price only. The result of negotiations, if any, is documented in the recommendation for award (RFA). The contract is awarded once the RFA has been approved. The contract award process typically requires four to six months after the bid opening to complete.

Requests for Proposals (i.e., Competitive Sealed Proposals)

Requests for proposals (RFP) are used to obtain goods and services where a detailed specification with mandatory requirements cannot be developed. The award, if any, must be made to the responsible proposer whose proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to the City, taking into consideration the price and other factors or criteria set forth in the RFP. After the closing date for receipt of proposals, a committee of no fewer than three persons with the expertise necessary to make a fair and reasonable assessment will evaluate proposals. A variety of methods may be used to rank proposals, which may result in the selection of the highest technically rated proposer over another technically qualified one who offered a lower fee. The committee may choose to enter into discussions for the purpose of arriving at a contract most advantageous to the City. After determining the most favorable proposal and after obtaining all required approvals, the contract is awarded to that proposer.

Further details about the CSB and RFP award processes may be found on the Procurement Policy Board's website.