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Well-Being Index

Well-Being Index

The NYC Well-Being Index (WBI) 2022 Update is a project undertaken by the Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI) to help understand the well-being of communities in our city. In a city such as New York, with its wealth of diversity and data, community well-being can be difficult to capture. There exists an abundance of metrics from a myriad of sources, but none gives a holistic set of neighborhood indicators as to what makes communities thrive or fail to flourish. The purpose of the index is to give access to the complex data that provide an overall understanding of well-being throughout all our neighborhoods.

The NYC Well-Being Index is a composite measure with nine weighted domains and indicators. It synthesizes vast amounts of data to paint a more holistic picture of quality of life and track differences between and among populations over time. Providing indicators at the Neighborhood Tabulation Area (NTA) level (1) provides an understanding of how neighborhoods compare to one another; (2) helps leaders focus strategies in a specific geographic area; and (3) allows for a more manageable assessment of outcomes.

Well-being is a complex set of physical, mental, emotional, and social health factors. The measures of well-being are continually changing and evolving as we learn more about what impacts our ability to develop and thrive. As such, this 2022 update to the Well-Being Index is not meant to be a comparison to our previous reports, but rather a reflection of the current state of well-being in New York City comprised of the most relevant indicators at this time.

The previous reports included seven domains: Education, Economic Security, Housing, Health, Community Safety, Infrastructure and Core Services, and Community Vitality. The most current report adds two domains not previously included: COVID-19 and Equity.


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