NYPD Member of Service Histories

This database allows users to view the record of NYPD misconduct allegations. Click Search to view all available history, including the CCRB's disposition, the NYPD's disposition, and the penalty ultimately imposed (if applicable). The CCRB can recommend a level of police discipline, with the Police Commissioner retaining final authority over disciplinary decisions.

Enter a First Name, Last Name, Shield Number, or select an option from the drop-down menus to filter the results.

When using this database, be mindful of the following:

  • This database reflects CCRB complaints only. Allegations of misconduct that fall outside of the CCRB's jurisdiciton are not included in this database. The New York City Charter specifies that the CCRB's jurisdiction includes four categories of police misconduct: Force, Abuse of Authority, Discourtesy, and Offensive Language.
  • CCRB allegation history does not include open allegations, successfully mediated allegations or mediation attempted allegations. CCRB allegation history does not include allegations from complaints filed prior to the year 2000. It also does not include referrals to the NYPD or other investigative entities.
  • There is a significant difference between the CCRB dispositions 'Exonerated,' 'Unfounded,' and 'Unsubstantiated.' When exploring the database, please refer to the definitions of the CCRB's case outcomes.

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